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Thuli Whitehouse

Forrest Yoga Teacher

Doctor and GP

Trustee of BHMA

I am a Forrest Yoga teacher and a GP. I previously trained to teach Sivananda and spent many years studying and practicing in the Bihar school while I was at University. Yoga has been part of my life for 18 years now, and sharing this magic with others is my absolute passion. 

I run retreats in the UK and internationally and teach private sessions in London. I love supporting people on their journey to physical and psychological well-being, as a GP and as a yoga teacher.

Thuli is a Zulu name, from where I was born; it means ‘quiet strength’. In Zulu culture your name is what you embody and what you bring to other people through your actions in life. If you meet me you'll know this to be true: in life, in medical practice, in yoga.

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Forrest yoga is a strong yet gentle practice building balanced whole body flexibility and strength. It is a powerfully healing discipline, whatever it is you need to recover from; be it physical, emotional or simply life overwhelm - using the power of breath and connecting to physical presence it works to heal you moment by moment and breath by breath.

The sequences are carefully structured to safely and gradually build towards more challenging postures. Classes can be tailored to manage any injury or pain pattern so there is no-one who can’t do Forrest. A unique feature is the use of hands on assists to help students feel more deeply into postures, going beyond simple re-alignment.

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