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My Next Yoga Retreat is for Doctors...

Kathy's Island Retreat Centre, Karpathos Island, Greece

4th to 11th  June 2017

I run longer summer retreats in Greece and shorter weekend Winter Retreats for doctors in the UK.

I work with people’s stories and their bodies; re-igniting their internal wisdom to heal and self care.

'a week of yoga, mindfulness and total relaxation'

Come and spend some ThuliTime with yoga teacher and Doctor Thuli Whitehouse at the sumptuous Kathy's island retreat centre on Karpathos Island in Greece: the ultimate combination of body vitality and chilled out vibes with twice daily yoga classes and a seaside room with balcony and sea view. 

Each morning class is an energising sequence designed to build strength and flexibility. Challenging you to uplevel your yoga practice with a safe, gentle and health advancing set of asana. Working to unlock tension in the neck and shoulders, build core strength and guiding you to feel what's going on inside. Afternoon class is a series of down-regulating asana combined with guided Vipassana meditation and yoga nidra to enter into a state of total relaxation. All classes are held in our yoga shala overlooking the sea.

Between classes there are optional trips to the beach or local sites of interest. Otherwise you can walk to the local secret cove or lie in a hammock. Meals are prepared by our in house chef using produce from our kitchen garden. You will be offered wine with dinner or fresh juice, tea or coffee with breakfast. This is a relaxed and friendly experience, eating under the stars and surrounded by olive trees and new friends. The sessions are suitable for all levels, beginner to advanced. This is your time to get away and get back to yourself…


Inner Guidance Retreat Centre, Lavenham Suffolk

6-8th October 2017

'Finding Balance in a Busy Life'

Come and spend a gloriously replenishing weekend on retreat practicing yoga and mindfulness to help you move towards greater well-being. Thuli has teamed up with Dr Jenny Napier of, coach and well-being consultant extraordinaire to bring you a perfect combination of expertise and understanding.

Our starting point in being compassionate doctors is to first care for - and be compassionate to - ourselves. We are offering a space for stepping back, recharging your batteries and learning some new skills for maintaining your balance. Our approach to developing resilience is based on building yourself up from the inside so that you are wiser in your work, more connected to your colleagues, patients, friends and family, and ultimately able to find greater satisfaction in what you do.

The Inner Guidance Retreat Centre is the perfect place to unwind. With luxurious rooms, lush surroundings and a kitchen garden from which most of the meals are prepared on site. For more details of the retreat centre follow the link below.

Past Yoga Retreats...

Inner Guidance Retreat Centre, Lavenham Suffolk

23rd - 25th November 2018

More details to follow…

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